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Because girls go on adventures. And girls are curious. And girls have rocks, toy dinosaurs, LEGO pieces, stickers, and other treasures to carry around. 

So why are boys' clothes full of pockets, while most girls’ clothes lack them?


We’re proud to say that our girls’ shorts have always had pockets. Not teeny pockets. Not faux pockets. But pockets big enough to actually use – like the SIX different pockets on our cargo shorts.

Pockets give girls independence. Free her hands up for climbing and playing. Make her adventures more fun. Help her explore the world – and then proudly show others what she found. Pockets make a difference in how kids play.

And that’s why we’re committed to giving girls pockets!


 * Please note that these exact colors are no longer available. Click links below to see current color choices.


         button-blue-cargo-shorts.png                              button-blue-play-shorts.png


Parents and girls tell us all the time how much they want pockets – and love our pockets! 

“My 3-year-old gets SO MAD when the pockets are fake! She asked me the other day why pants would have pretend pockets, and I had no answer. – Scarlet

“My 8 year old daughter is beyond tired of all the faux pockets on regular girl pants and shorts. She has taken matters into her own hands – or shoes, rather, as that's where she's currently stashing all of her found treasures. And while we admire her ingenuity, all those acorns, rocks, feathers, leaves, and twigs sure get itchy after a while.” – Holly R.

"My new shorts have pockets here and here and here and here and here and here. Wow! I can’t wait to go on a walk and put things in all the pockets!” – Dahlia, age 6. “And I’m excited because I won’t have to hold all the sticks, rocks, and other things that I’m always required to carry for her.” – Dahlia’s mom

My daughter loves exploring streams and parks in your shorts, but I have to keep reminding her she has a bunch of pockets to put stuff in!” – Andrea D. 


We started Girls Will Be in 2013 with the mission to “change the world of girls’ clothing.” It was a lofty goal, but there were just so many things missing from the girls department that we wanted to create, for girls like our daughters. Pockets were definitely at the top of the list. Read about all the other ways our clothes break the mold on our About page.