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Girls Will Be....so many different things! Shouldn’t their clothing options reflect that?

Not all girls want to wear pink and sparkles and ruffles and bows and skinny fits. At least not all of the time! And some girls like things besides hearts, flowers, butterflies, and princesses. Where are the clothes for them? Right here! 


Girls Will Be is a new direction in girls clothing – with no limits and no frills! We design clothes that break free of the stereotypical "girly" styles dominating retail today, because we think girls should have more options to express their individuality. 

Our style rules are simple – colors beyond pink, no sparkles or frills, imagery that break gender stereotypes (think dinosaurs and math), and an "in-the-middle" fit that lets girls be kids. 


We started with a line of custom-made t-shirts, designed with the perfect "in-the-middle" fit (not-too-fitted, not-too-boxy), vibrant colors, and graphics as unique as the girls in your life. Offered in sizes 4 to 14, our shirts are made in the USA, super soft, and built to last. 

Then we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to add two styles of shorts for girls who don't like shorty shorts or a skinny fit. Our shorts have a length that hits just above the knee, plenty of room to move (without being baggy), and are also manufactured right here in the USA. When our Kickstarter ended, it was the #1 most funded childrenswear project in Kickstarter history.

We know girls need so many more options, from head to toe, so we'll continue to add products as we grow! 

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We hope Girls Will Be helps empower young girls to be themselves and never feel like they need to conform to the increasingly narrow definition of “girl” reflected in far too many of the clothes (and other products) marketed to them.

Clothes are one way kids express themselves, which is why it is so important for girls to see more options! So no girl ever thinks something is wrong if she doesn’t like what girls are “supposed” to wear. Or stops liking something because she only sees it on boy clothes. We want all girls to be able to find clothes that reflect who they are and what they like. Because there is more than one way to be a girl!

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mayagrace-rev2.jpg maya-grace.jpg 

My daughter Maya (now age 11) has always loved to climb trees, play every sport imaginable, build LEGO creations, pretend to be a superhero, read about sea animals, conduct science experiments, and play with her cars and trucks. She also loves her stuffed animals, often partnering with them on elaborate spy missions or caring for them at her vet clinic. At age 3, Maya started refusing to wear pink or dresses. Next to go were bows, sparkles, hearts, and flowers. Those things just did not fit with her emerging personality and interests.

And so began years of struggling mightily to find what I began to call “girl clothes without the girly.” Each season, Maya and I launch an exhaustive (and frustrating!) search through countless stores and websites, overflowing with stereotypical “girly” clothes, in order to hopefully uncover the one or two tops or bottoms from each brand that fit her style. We always end up with Maya asking “Why do boys get all the cool stuff?” and me wondering why clothes have to be so polarizing.

My niece Grace (now age 13) is different, yet the same. For a while, Grace loved a traditional "girly" slant on clothes – bows and scarves and necklaces. She was very into fashion and, during one particular phase, wouldn’t leave the house without her furry jean jacket, black boots, and a very specific flower headband. It was her look! Her room was covered in pink, and her favorite toys were her dollhouse and stuffed animals. While still interested in fashion, Grace can now just as often be found building with her (traditionally colored) LEGO bricks or shooting hoops in the backyard. Around age 7, Grace decided pink clothes and sequins were no longer for her. She just wants simple, unique clothes that are comfortable to wear and not “cutesy.” She struggles to find "girl clothes without the 'girly' touches" too!

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Once I decided to go for it, it only took a few seconds to convince my brother and sister to jump on board (in their spare time!). My left brain and their right brains are a perfect combination, and we have a lot of fun working together!



Believes Girls Will Be......Anything and Everything
After staying home with Maya and her younger brother for 6 years, I am excited to be building and running a business that I am so passionate about! It’s a fun twist on my previous experience, which includes an MBA from the University of Chicago, consulting at McKinsey & Company, and marketing at Dell. The unexpected bonus is that Maya really gets involved! In addition to learning a lot about entrepreneurship, she has developed a strong (and hopefully lifelong) belief that there are no limits to what Girls Will Be!




Believes Girls Will Be.....Extraordinary
After staying at home with her three children until Grace and her twin brother went to school, Laura returned to the graphic design firm she founded in 1992. Laura developed our branding and website design, and continues to work on all things creative. Being a mom of boy-girl twins, she saw firsthand how clothes for little boys and girls take a strong divergence – even at the toddler level – in style and fit. That shopping frustration continues today! Grace shares her mom’s passion for this idea and loves being a part of the Girls Will Be team!




Believes Girls Will Be...…Individuals
As “Uncle Dave” to both Maya and Grace, David created many of the amazing graphics for our clothing line. A man of many talents, David also built our blog and could even build our office furniture if we needed him to. By day, David is an architect with a focus on designing theaters (check out the recently completed Black Ensemble Theatre here). In the spare time that he does not spend on Girls Will Be, he is constantly painting, sculpting, blogging, building things, and being active in the political process.

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